A Few Moments with Detroit Mutant Radio

A Few Moments with Detroit Mutant Radio

If you live in the Atlanta area, the three letters DMR are something of legend. They represent a band that has worked hard to develop its own sound by constant work and live play. They are a band that has been together for a long time, and you can see that cohesiveness both on stage and in the studio.

This year, their hard work is paying off as they are finalists for RAWards Artist of the Year in Atlanta. They mesh old school hip-hop, socially- conscious ideology with a ridiculous rock style that reaches out to fans across multiple genres. As a writer, I can’t help but think at some point I will look back and say “I got to interview them back before…”

Opportunities like this don’t happen often, and when they materialize, you grab it. I spoke with Cleaven Creech, frontman of DMR. Sit back, relax and enjoy…

Congratulations on the Artist of the Year nomination from RAWards. The show to announce is November 14th. How can people vote for you?

Gratitude…and DMR most definitely appreciates WordKrapht for supporting us and being an outlet for the indie artist. The show is Nov. 14th at one of the coolest venues in the ATL, Terminal West. Folks can vote for us by grabbing a ticket to be in attendance that night.

Tell us, who is Detroit Mutant Radio? How did you all end up in Atlanta?

Detroit Mutant Radio stands for Detroit’s different sound…and that sound is made up by J-Rock Wilson on the drums, Whiz on lead guitar, Los Loco on the bass, Rama-don on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, and myself, Mr.Creech being the voice. This unit forming in Atlanta happened in part from a deal in Cali that fell thru while I was negotiating the contract back home in Michigan. A mutual friend of J and mine, actually my old high school drum major plugged me up with J who was living in Atlanta to play drums…J recruited Whiz, Whiz phoned Los who quit a truck driving job to join, and Rama was also found by J. Ultimately, we feel it was fate and the use of cerebro.

The way you guys combine power rock guitar riffs with hip-hop stylings flashes back to classics like Run-DMC, but also screams of something brand new. How does that all come together in the songwriting process?

Appreciate that comparison…honored to be named with Run-DMC. In my book what they created with producer Rick Rubin, our dream producer to work with by the way…paved the way for mainstream acceptance of genre- bending. I believe our newness in the way we ‘mutificate’ (DMR-new word) the sound comes from our diverse listening preferences. From R&B, hip-hop, blues, funk, all forms of rock, jazz, gospel, classical, to country. So in the writing process we stay open to what feels good to us and just let the vibe transcend.

What inspires you? What needs to happen for you to decide this needs to be a DMR song?

The inspiration comes from a need to hear what we want on the radio. It’s a DMR song if it inspires energy…hopefully positive.

You’ve sent us three tracks with “Turn It Up” your current single (all to be featured in a separate review). Is this part of a larger project? EP? Full album?

“Turn It Up” is our latest single available now for download on iTunes, Cdbaby. It is the first release off our new EP, DMR, produced by multi-platinum producers Saint Denson (Rick Ross,Trik Daddy, Styles P, 112) L. Sro Maxwell (Pink, Kendrick Lamar, 112) and co-produced by us. We are in mix mode right now and really amped to get this EP out…hopefully end of this year.


Anybody who has met and spoken to you offstage knows there is a big difference between Cleaven and Mr. Creech. Where does Mr. Creech come from and just how different are they?

Mr.Creech comes from my father…it’s my last name. My straw man’s identity under government watch for unifying people with my mutant ability to rock crowds of any kind. I guess being a Leo, on stage is where I let my zodiac shine the most. To me, there is no difference…I’m just Mr. Cleaven Creech.

DMR has been together for close to a decade now. What is the one thing you look back on and wish you had done differently and would warn younger artists to avoid?

For the duration DMR has been in existence…those years have allowed the band to master what we do with our sound. That’s the reason I boldly claim, we are the Vanguards of Rock Fusion…it’s from that experience in development. Really there’s no wish or regret I hold, I believe all things come in due time to those that stay persistent. So to younger artists I would warn them to avoid being impatient and measure success by your own standards you set.

As a diehard Detroit fan, what would you say if the Bears wanted to use a DMR song on Sunday?

Wow! Since the people of the Chi are like cousins to the D and I used to be a huge Walter Payton fan…there would be no problem. Now on the other hand, if it was the Dallas Cowgirls…that’s a different story.

What does being an independent musician mean to you? As we build the Wordkrapht community, what would you like to see as a resource for musicians like you and the fans?

Creative Freedom, at this juncture in the music biz you have accessibility to all the tools that the majors have. So when that opportunity comes for a major’s backing with promotion, distribution, and tour support…you are just merging your brand to give your movement a broader reach. That’s DMRs agenda at this point in our careers for certain. I look forward to a WordKrapht Music Festival where the fans can physically enjoy the artists you help promote.

Where can we see/hear you next? What is coming up for DMR?

You can see and hear us next in Atlanta at Terminal West on Nov. 14th in our RAWards ‘2012 nomination showcase or musician of the year. Also, you can visit www.detroitmtantradio.com, like us on www.facebook.com/313dmr, follow us on www.twitter.com/313dmr. Become a ‘MUTANITE…stay tuned into this Vanguard Music, future show/tour dates, and all DMR happenings. Peace out my good people and word to WORDKRAPHT!

Artist Name: Detroit Mutant Radio
Location: Atlanta, GA
Genre: Hip-Hop, Rock,
Band Members: Cleaven Creech, J-Rock Wilson, Los, Whiz, Rama-Don
Website: www.detroitmtantradio.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/313dmr
Twitter: www.twitter.com/313dmr