Emberghost – Not Long For This Earth Pt.1

Emberghost – Not Long For This Earth Pt.1

Music, for most is an avenue to express an action or a feeling. Music helps us through the tough times, and lends itself as a soundtrack to the best of times. Emberghost is re-creating their music to pay tribute to vocalist Sarah Jennings who passed away from cancer two years ago. Daineal Parker, Channing Deren, Daniel Alden, Amanda Gates Armstrong and producer Rob Daiker make up just a handful of people that made this project what it is today. Not Long For This Earth pt.1 is the first half of songs recorded as they pay homage to their friend and band mate Sarah Jennings.

The album is filled with acoustic reworks of some of the best Emberghost songs, with acoustic guitars, and a string section that will bring chills running down your neck. The album starts off with the song “What Should be Familiar,” which is beautifully sang by Parker and Deren while the acoustics and strings surround them in an amazing way. “Twilight” follows as we hear drums for the first time with a more upbeat but equally chilling version of the song. Amanda did an amazing job arranging the strings for their more anthemic Emberghost songs.”Twilight is all about fighting time, about trying to preserve the anarchy and recklessness of youth, and finally coming to terms with the futility of that,” Parker explained in a previous interview with him before the recording of the album.

‘If You’re Marching, Stop Marching” is a powerful politically charged song, once again complemented by a haunting string section. With each song, the emotion of everyone’s voice is amazing. “Interlude (Just Bones in a Box)” is a beautiful string transition into the song “Meet Me On The Battlefield,” which is probably the most hauntingly chilling song on the album as they sing “Tonight We Die.” One of the more upbeat songs on the album, “My Purple Heart” is a brillant way to round out the album almost sounding as they are expressing the feelings of accomplishing recording the album.

The album ends with “Outro (Violet’s Song),” a proper ending to a beautiful collection of songs. The album also contains unaccompanied versions of each of the above songs which was a brillant way to showcase the genious of all the string arrangements throughout each song. Amanda Gates Armstrong did such an amazing job arranging the strings and giving each song a new life.

It has been a long road for Parker getting this project off the ground and seeing it to what it has become. In the end he did a brilliant job, not only with the album but with all the artwork, fundraising and everything else it took to make this album. He poured his heart and soul into an album in one of the most amazing tributes to be heard. As one listens to the album, you can almost see Sarah Jennings looking down, yet holding her head high, as she would be more than proud of everyone with what they accomplished with this album. Not For This Earth Pt.1 is an emotional album that everyone involved should be proud of.

Wordkrapht Rating: 5 Stars!

Band Name: Emberghost
Album Name: Not Long For This Earth Pt. 1
Release Date: October 30, 2012
Location: Portland, OR
Genre: Acoustic, Rock, Indie
Band Members: Daniel Alden, Daineal Parker, Channing Deren, Kristen Randall, Amanda Gates Armstrong
Website: http://emberghost.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/emberghost
Twitter: http://twitter.com/emberghost
Bandcamp: http://emberghost.bandcamp.com/album/not-long-for-this-earth-pt-i