Photographer credit: Ulices Del Toro

Besatree and Kserious Interview

Photographer credit: Ulices Del Toro

When was the last time you heard a new artist/band/group and got excited? Think about it. When was the last time you heard something so mind-blowingly good you wanted to shout it from the rooftops?  You tell your friends, strangers, anyone who will listen because when you find something worth sharing you share it. It’s a civil duty. The point to this little rambling is to share the music that got me excited and inspired. This is me shouting from the rooftops.

Jon May and Kevin Allen Bicknell are Besatree and Kerious, a hip/hop duo out of California. Their most recent release, Eating Crow feels like a homage to old-school hip/hop and oozes with positivity. Their chemistry is undeniable, while their love for the music is felt with every word spoken. This album features fresh beats, creative and skillful flows and yes, your new favorite song.

What is so fantastic about these guys is not only their talent, but their need to spread good vibes and the message to always look for a silver lining. This feel good mentality is so refreshing and is definitely infectious.

I had the supreme honor of talking with Besatree and Kserious, and what follows is the end result. Read on, listen, support and love!

KC: Introduce yourselves to the readers of WORDKRAPHT and tell us how long you two have been working together.

Besatree: We’re Besatree & Kserious, an independent hip-hop duo from Southern California.

Kserious: We both function as emcees as well as producers and have been rocking together, as a collective unit, since 2009.

Besatree: We are also a part of a crew called The Cloudmakers, as well as a collective of artists called Rising Sons Independent.

Kserious: Thanks so much for having us. We’re glad to be here!


KC: We are glad to have you! Now, Eating Crow, your latest release has quickly become a favorite of mine. How was the process of recording it? It seems like you two had a lot of fun during the creation of the album.

Besatree: Thanks, that’s so nice! We definitely had a great time recording the album and we’re thrilled that other people are enjoying it as well.

Kserious: Yeah, it was a huge learning experience for both of us and I think that encouraged us to have fun with it while at the same time challenging ourselves to find the sound that we wanted to create.

Besatree: Definitely, we came into this project pretty green and there was a huge learning curve that we had to overcome; from things as basic as vocal treatment and compression to the more complex task of mixing and mastering a final product.

Kserious: Not to mention the fun we had with the photo shoots, artwork design and in the end just seeing the whole thing come together.


KC: I’m sure each song on the album is important and special to you in its own way, but is there a particular song that stands out as a favorite?

Besatree: “Can Do, Know How” will probably always stand out to me. Not only is it one of my favorite songs to perform live, but it’s also the one that went through the most changes and variations from start to finish.

Kserious: Yeah, I definitely love that track too, but my personal favorite has to be “Temperatures Rising” because of its bouncy stream of consciousness and the process that went into writing it, bar for bar, with Besa.


KC: If I may say so, “Awkward Personalities” and “The Road” and “In the Spot” are favorites of mine.

Kserious: Oh awesome! “Awkward personalities” is one of my favorite to perform because, well, we’re a little awkward and it always gives me a chance to do a Chaplin shuffle.

Besatree: Yeah and I like “In the Spot” too because it was one of the first collaborations that we did with fellow Cloudmakers Thesis and Joe Mas, and I’m really excited about new projects that we have underway with both of them.


KC: The album closes out on a high note with the song, “The Road.” After a first listen to the song, it felt like the perfect ending to the album, and the listener too could almost picture the two of you walking off into the sunset, the heroes of the story as the credits roll. Was that your intention when placing that song as the closer?

Kserious: Absolutely, it was one of the last songs we recorded and so we were more in tune with where the album stood and how we wanted to wrap it up.

Besatree: We wanted to leave the album feeling as though there was room for a follow up or at least leave listeners with a satisfying close.


KC: As mentioned earlier, you guys also collaborate with some other artists around your area called CloudMakers. How did that come about?

Besatree: After rocking shows with so many dope artists we found a group of like-minded emcees, producers, friends and creative people that were all working towards a similar goal.

Kserious: It was really organic the way it all came about. There has always been a mutual appreciation for and from everyone in the crew and now we are all really pumped to be collaborating with each other on a regular basis.


KC: Switching gears now, if you two were to do a free style battle, who would be the winner?

Kserious: That depends, could it be a written battle with time for preparation?

Besatree: Yeah, what’s the time limit? What are we doing 45 second, 1 minute, 2 minute rounds?

Kserious: Is it merely promo or is it judged?

Besatree: Who are the judges?

Kserious: Who’s judging?

Besatree: Is Wordkrapht setting this up or is it Daily Duels or KOTD?

Kserious: Nah, we’re just messing around, we don’t really battle.

Besatree: We’re more the cypher type … but in the hypothetical I would totally win.

Kserious: That’s probably true.


KC: Haha, OK OK. Any last closing words you want to leave with the readers of WORDKRAPHT?

Besatree: Yeah of course! Huge thanks to you and to Wordkrapht for reaching out and giving us the opportunity to share our music with a new audience.

Kserious: Definitely! We love meeting and connecting with new people and would love to strike up a dialogue at a show and have a few drinks! Fans and friends are what we’re all about so let’s link up!


Artist Name: Besatree & Kserious
Album Name: Eating Crow
Date Released: September, 2012
Location: California
Genre(s): Hip/Hop, Old School Hip/Hop
Band Members: Jon May/Besatree, Kevin Allen Bicknell/KSerious