Two Gentlemen That Deserve Some Attention

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Ken Flagg and Chris Ayer, two currently obscure musician/singer/songwriters are on the move…and they deserve to be heard. Covering both coasts, these two gentlemen should not stay obscure for long. Give them a listen and see for yourself…




Fixed Annuities Overview

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Fixed annuities…they’re not just for retirees anymore.


Blues Traveler - A Tale of Two Bands

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Blues Traveler has been making music for the better part of two decades. They’ve gone through a lot over the years, but they still put their heart and soul into every album and every show. In talking to Brendan, I got the feeling that this band truly appreciates their fans. It is the fans that keeps them going.


Another personal story on this one. I’ve been very lucky with these two interviews (this one and Matt from Vertical Horizon). I have personal history with both. In this case, my wife and I have been big fans of this band vor a very long time. Steph remembers seeing them as they played frat houses in Ohio. I remember Kevin Grennan walking into the cafeteria at Suffolk County Community College listening to Travelers and Thieves.

We danced to the song “Yours” from the Straight on ’til Morning CD at our wedding and my four year old son has to listen to “Dog Train” off of a kids’ CD almost every day.

It was truly a pleasure to speak to Brendan and I wish him and the band the best of luck as they continue to make music.


Investing in Bonds - The Strategies

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Here are a few ideas for you to build a bond portfolio:



Investing in Bonds - The Terminology

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Here’s part two in the series over at MoneySmartLife. Part three was written tonight and will be published in the next day or two.



The 529 Savings Account

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This was an article published over the weekend and I missed the posting. Both this and the Coverdell have gotten better over the years and are imperative to parents who are figuring out how they will pay for college when their children graduate.


Investing in Bonds - An Overview

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The schizophrenia continues as the financial and music articles continue to alternate. This is part one of a three part series. Part one is a break down of the different types of bonds. An article on terminology and a third on investing strategies are to follow…


Mrnorth - Fear & Desire

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Here’s the latest and greatest. Mrnorth is definitely worth checking out. Originally from Dublin, you can hear the influences of U2 and The Cure. You’ll also want to check out the new live CD from the same band.



The Coverdell ESA

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In what is continuing to be the schizophrenic world of WORDKRAPHT, here is another finance article published today.


There will be an article published tomorrow on 529s and I’m currently writing a three part series on investing in bonds.

I’m also in the process of reviewing another band and hope to get some new interesting work on the heels of the Vertical Horizon interview. Stay tuned…


Vertical Horizon - A Chance of a Lifetime

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Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Matt Scannell of Vertical Horizon. After a six year break, they released the new album, “Burning the Days.” Both the review and inter view can be seen here:



Let me give you some history here. Way back in December ‘96, my girlfriend (now wife) and I went to see a show at Wetlands (may she rest in peace) in New York. A band from Massachusetts, called Percy Hill, was the headliner that night. We met my future brother-in-law there. He went to school in the northeast and said we had to see this band. He was right. Percy Hill put on a great show. The interesting part here is the opening act.

Out comes two guys with acoustic guitars, and from the very first note, they blew me away. That night I bought the two albums they had released themselves. I followed them as they went from a duo to a full quartet, and as the acoustic guitars turned into electric ones. Vertical Horizon has had an interesting life, and I am proud to now be a part of it, no matter how small.

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